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And so, brethren, the joy and peace that come from faith will fill the heart which trusts. Through the power of the Holy Spirit - to whom, in the economy of redemption, it belongs to inspire believers with all gracious affections. This aspect of God's nature is also found in verse4 , but it is repeated here because of the promises made in verses10-12. 2. πάς. New York. PERSONAL NOTICES, RESPECTING THE APOSTLE HIMSELF (Romans 15:14-33),—RESPECTING THOSE GREETED (Romans 16:1-16), AND GREETING: TOGETHER WITH WARNINGS AGAINST THOSE WHO MADE DIVISIONS AMONG THEM (Romans 16:16-23);—AND CONCLUDING DOXOLOGY (Romans 16:24-27). Faith, when spoken of without peculiar reference, means faith in Christ, and not, as Dr. Macknight understands it, faith in any particular promise. It is from Him that all His people receive their hope, and it is He Who will, while bringing that hope to completion, fill them with all joy and peace in believing (in the Messiah - Romans 15:12), so that they might abound in hope in the power of the Holy Spirit. Here, then, "hope" refers merely to the ground on which the apostle rested all his own expectations of anything whatever of a saving nature, and is not at all put in contrast with "faith." The apostle desired for the Romans the most delightful state of mind. 1. He adapts himself to his circumstances, and finds hope rising within him. Romans 15:13 Commentary. With this comprehensive and lofty petition the Apostle closes his exhortation to the factions in the Roman Church to be at unity. BibliographyIce, Rhoderick D. "Commentary on Romans 15:13". Is it desire? Faith deals with the Scriptures and with the God of hope as therein revealed, and out of these it draws its fulness of joy and peace. While all graces demand His in working, these demand His power. He will afford us clear discoveries of the heavenly glory. The means or agency by which Christ is to obtain more hold of the Christian and to become more part of the Christian. The most solid ground for hope is offered--. He lifted his finger, pointed upward with it, and so died." The agency which He employs for them. And when deep trouble comes the heart may be crushed for a time, but it is generally only for a time. The essentials of the Christian life are being developed to establish in that hope which is the crown and guarantee of safety and of ultimate triumph. Their “peace may well be as a river, since their righteousness is as the waves of the sea [Note: Isaiah 48:18. He is the God of all comfort because we need encouragement. Joy and peace are the element of a Christian, but he is sometimes out of his element. The Lord said that in light of the cross. Some have the notion that as soon as they are saved they shall never have to fight. 2. All rights reserved. Take courage. "Commentary on Romans 15:13". fill you with all joy and peace in believing. That of turning the text upside down. (C. H. Spurgeon). We do not need wires for the telegraphy between heaven and the believing soul, but He comes directly to, and speaks in, and moves upon, and moulds and blesses, the waiting heart. This is very remarkable. He is the foundation on which our hope is built, and he is the builder that doth himself raise it: he is both the object of our hope, and the author of it. Great attainments? 13.And may the God, etc. Under the power of the Holy Ghost the uncivilised become civilised, the savage polite, the drunkard sober, etc. We begin with two observations--. The same power is requisite to cause grace to abound, or saints to abound in the exercise of it, as was to the first production of it. The letter you may know, but no man knows the things of God save he to whom the Spirit of God has revealed them. 2. . Through the power of the Holy Ghost — Enlightening and quickening, renewing, strengthening, and comforting you. Paul’s making this state a subject of prayer implies that it is possible for it to be attained. 2. Because of the evident truthfulness of His character. Because Christians are in Christ and have all spiritual blessings ( Ephesians 1:3), they anticipate the additional fulfillment of God's promises. (J. And if there is ever to be tranquillity in this disturbed being of mine, if the conflict between duty and inclination, between passion and principle, between present and future, between flesh and spirit, is ever to be hushed, it must be because God dwells in us. (2) Of this unselfishness Christ is the perfect model of all Christians (Ro 15:3). We are to work out our own salvation, because it is God that worketh in us both to will and to do, according to his good pleasure. Peace. They may “rejoice evermore,” and without ceasing. In this, and in this chiefly, the Creator differs from all His creatures. He is peaceful in His working. He will witness to us our adoption, and seal us with God’s image [Note: 2 Corinthians 1:22.]. As Christians are one body in Christ, so the great law of love binds them to act in all things with tenderness and consideration for their brethren in "the common salvation" (Ro 15:1, 2). 1905. The result of this faith, invigorated by the temper of joy and peace, is to increase the activity of this hope in them: their hope in this accomplishment will be more real and vigorous. Do you remember our Lord once told us to be full of joy? A wide range: there is hardly an aspect of the redeeming work which “the God of hope” does not preside over. They are hopeless because they are godless. He takes that for granted, and his thought is fastened, for the moment, not on the object but on the act of faith. How necessary the question, Are we “begotten again to a lively hope”? Go to. True, heavenly, spiritual joy is filling to the soul; it has a satisfaction in it, answerable to the soul's vast and just desires. He finisheth here his long discourse about brotherly love and concord with a short and pithy prayer. “The God of hope fill you with all joy and peace.” So then, where God comes and is welcomed by humble obedience and-trustful love, there is fulness of these precious gifts. I knew a Roman Catholic priest that was as upright and conscientious a man as I ever met, who said he did not dare to be happy; he was afraid that he should lose his soul if he was; and he subjected himself to every possible mortification, saying, “‘It is not for me to be happy here; I must take it out when I get to heaven. For these relations are the disturbing elements in all earthly tranquillity, and like the skeleton at the feast in all earthly joy, and a man can never, down to the roots of his being, be at rest until he is quite sure that there is nothing wrong between him and God. The will. 1909-1922. Look at this great thirteenth verse: how it blossoms out before us! https: Others are naturally jovial and buoyant: but the joy in which we as believers are to abound does not in any wise flow from nature, but from the direct, inworking energy of the Holy Ghost. See what … And now the human condition of this Divine gift of full and manifold joy and peace. ἁγ. Have you ever seen a person filled with delight? "Commentary on Romans 15:13". To be cheerful is a duty which you owe to God. Phil. Read Introduction to Romans . Now the God of hope, etc. https: That ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost; Alexander MacLaren's Expositions of Holy Scripture, Justin Edwards' Family Bible New Testament, Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges, William Godbey's Commentary on the New Testament, "The achievement of all God"s purposes for the spiritual welfare of His children comes from the power given by the Spirit of God. (W. B. Pope, D.D.). What a fitting closing reminder to the apostle"s discussion of Christian living." 14 onwards). It was because he felt the need of keeping up union with the Twelve, that after each of his missions he returned to Jerusalem, "lest," as he says himself, Galatians 2:2, "he had run in vain." Broadman Press 1932,33. My, what a verse! The text speaks of an abounding hope. God can never raise an expectation in His creatures for the mere purpose of disappointing them. This verse concludes the section dealing with the practice of God"s righteousness ( Romans 12:1 to Romans 15:13). It is with great propriety that Jehovah is termed the God of hope, for there Isaiah , 1 st, In his nature and attributes; 2d, In the relations in which he stands to mankind in general, as their Creator, Preserver, Benefactor, Governor, and Judge; and to his own people in particular, as their Redeemer, Saviour, Friend, and Father; 3d, In what he hath already done for them in giving his Son for their redemption, and in sending them the gospel light, and his Spirit’s aid; and, 4th, In what he hath promised still further to do for such as do not reject his counsel against themselves; — there is, in these particulars, a most sure and glorious foundation laid for the most firm, lively, enlarged, and blessed hope, for all who will be persuaded to come to it and build thereon, by true repentance, living faith, and new obedience. We are too apt to rest satisfied with the present enjoyments; and, even when we look forward to the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him, this is too often done with a cold heart and a languid eye. Because He rose again from the dead, and now He ever liveth to make intercession for us. In John 15:11, He said to His disciples in the upper room, "These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full"— full, full, full. Their are other kinds of religion and religious exercise than that of trust. Work in material spheres, and though the work be legitimate, harm and damage may recoil. It is false to impute gloom to Christianity. Altogether apart from any consideration of the thing which a man’s faith grasps, the very act of trust has in itself a natural tendency to bring joy and peace. Our God is a blessed God, so that to believe in Him is to find happiness and rest. (1) No Christian is at liberty to regard himself as an isolated disciple of the Lord Jesus, having to decide questions of duty and liberty solely with reference to himself. Throughout this epistle Paul kept referring to the fact that God had not finished His saving work in his readers" lives. the Christ mind, the Christ will, the Christ heart, the Christ life—not perfectly, of course, but nevertheless in some real measure and as an increasing quantity. Spurgeon.). Charles Simeon's Horae Homileticae. It is he who provided for us the Saviour, and accepted him in our behalf; and has promised to cast out none who come to him in his Son’s name. As it respects the present life hope is in some sense the abiding grace. Notice how the Apostle puts that truth in a double form here, in order that he may emphasise it, using one form of expression, involving the divine, direct activity, at the beginning of his prayer, and another at the end, and so enclosing, as it were, within a great casket of the divine action, all the blessings, the flashing jewels, which he desires his Roman friends to possess. And yet Hebrews , for the joy, if I may quote Hebrews 12:2, "set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God." You can take a porous pottery vessel, wrap it up in waxcloth, pitch it all over, and then drop it into mid-Atlantic, and not a drop will find its way in. All the promises and declarations of Scripture would fail in producing joy and peace in the mind of a sinner, were it not for the agency of the Spirit of God. 2. Painful penances? Hope is the expectation of the desirable--God--His favour, society, friendship. Nay, thou art even commanded to rejoice in the Lord. BibliographyPoole, Matthew, "Commentary on Romans 15:13". But He is man, and has the requisite tenderness to deal with sinners. Seek for more faith; cultivate peace; enlarge joy. ), There are a large number of persons who profess to have believed in Christ, but who assert that they have no joy and peace in consequence. Delays with God are but invisible means of hastening mercy. This commentary has been through Advanced Checking.. There are various aspects or departments of the work which the Holy Ghost has come to do for the people of Christ. Because heathenism had no goal beyond the grave, it had no worthy purpose and aim on this side of it.—Seidel. Hanson. 1835. His good-will towards us is so great as to be incomprehensible. It does not mean that God is the subject of hope. Thus is He set forth as the hope, or the object of hope, for all people. 14. (4) The harmonious glorification of the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ by the whole body of the redeemed, as it is the most exalted fruit of the scheme of redemption, so it is the last end of God in it (Romans 15:5-7). What is the hope in which we are to rejoice and abound? Are there “Christians” without faith? The lack of hope argues, then, a lack of spiritual life. In Romans 15:16 He is the Sanctifier of the Gentiles who believe, and in Romans 15:19 He is the source of the power which brought about the obedience of the Gentiles by word and deed, and through the power of signs and wonders. It is the servant of many of them, but is itself served by all. The hope we cherish, if it reflects the spirit of Christ, will be large-hearted. I. All are moving towards the blessed result—superabundance of hope. But here is God, whom the world has injured, revealing Himself as the object of its hope. This hope is wrought in us by no less power and virtue than that of the Holy Ghost. As well may you try to calm the tempest with poetry or stay the hurricane with rhetoric as to bless a soul by mere learning and eloquence. that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost. He is the Advocate of the Church--not with God, for there Christ is our sole Advocate, but with man. The Apostle’s main task is now completed; he prepares at once for the conclusion of his letter. Grace enjoyed is a pledge of glory. Surely He that made my spirit can touch my spirit; surely He who filleth all things according to their capacity can Himself enter into and fill the spirit which is opened for Him by simple faith. His fellowship with the Lord Jesus is broken. He is peaceful in His aim. How charming is “the glory of God in the face of Christ.” His power, which was once so terrible, now becomes delightful. Church Pulpit Commentary. Furthermore, the faithfulness of God guarantees that hope. It is something to lose companionship of a Saviour ready to meet our sinfulness and purge it—one ready to meet our feebleness, especially since we are made up of needs.—Albert Lee. It was, indeed, built again not long after, but was again burned to the ground. Now then the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost. How still more precious is the peace of the empire after a long war! That, my friend, gives me hope. They are, for the most of us, like bright-winged, sweet-voiced birds that dart and gleam about us, and we hear their voices, but nets and cages are hard to find. The only way by which God can give any man joy and peace is by giving him Himself. When you think of God, the just One, apart from Christ, you might well tremble, but when you see Him in Jesus, His very justice becomes precious to you. Rightly interpreted, it does not sanction a single doctrine or utter a precept which is meant to extinguish one happy impulse or dim one innocent delight. So if we want joy and peace, let us learn that we are too great and too miserable for any but God to give it us. Observe, It is all joy and peace - all sorts of true joy and peace. The last words: the power of the Holy Spirit, point out to the reader once more, as in Romans 14:17, the true power which they ought to seek, in opposition to the factitious power by which one exalts himself so easily above others. We find in this gracious operation our strength for the instruction of others; for how shall those teach who have never been taught? When a person really loves and trusts the Saviour, my friend, there is a bond there that is eternal and complete. 2. The means or agency by which Christ is to obtain more hold of the Christian and to become more part of the Christian is to be ‘in the power of the Holy Ghost.’ Observe it is not ‘by the power of the Holy Ghost,’ as though the Holy Ghost were to accomplish His blessed work by some instrumental means other than Himself. Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. You see, the Lord never leaves us. The apostle could not more clearly designate his readers as former Gentiles, than he does by this connection. Cheerfulness a duty you owe to yourself. The apostle has recourse again to prayer, knowing that all his exhortations would be useless, without the grace of God accompanying them: and it is observable, that he prays for the same things mentioned in the above prophecies and promises, as joy, peace, and hope; for though God has promised ever so great things concerning his people, he will be inquired of by them to do them for them. In Romans 15:33, He is the God of peace who will "be with you all." And the last crime of all, beyond which crime itself could go no further, was the awfully defiant attitude of moral evil, which led them, while they were fully aware of God's sentence of death pronounced on willing guilt, not only to incur it themselves, but with a devilish delight in human depravity and human ruin to take a positive pleasure in those who practise the same." Now these are very hard to affect. The former unites, for it strives to serve (Romans 15:1), whereas the second disunites. The source of this desired good. And thus while he forms us to a meetness for heaven, he gives us also a foretaste of it in our hearts. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. That they might abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost. It comes not from a creed repeated, or held merely intellectually. 1832. BibliographyNisbet, James. Concerning joy comp. It is like the morning cloud and early dew. You open the door, and the daylight will come in. Hope in this case ministers as it is ministered unto (Romans 5:2). It is vain, and flashy, and transient joy, that is the product of fancy; true substantial joy is the fruit of faith. Thank God, this is a rare thing. How much there is of Church work which is nothing better than the movement of a galvanised corpse. Ephesians 3:16; 2 Thessalonians 1:11; cf. "in the power of the Holy Spirit"-"by the power" (NASV). The moral emptiness and desolation of the ancient world is evident to all eyes. On Him we are dependent, and even "the power to get wealth" is received from Him. How much of religion is done as if it were performed by an automaton, or ground off by machinery. He has lost that deep joy that is not affected by circumstances. The consequence of the enjoyment of the blessings, and of the exercise of the graces just referred to, would be an increase in the strength and joyfulness of their hope; through the power of the Holy Ghost, through whom all good is given and all good exercised. True joy and peace may be very satisfactory evidences, but their absence, during certain seasons, can often be accounted for on some other hypothesis than that of the absence of faith. Yet he speaks of the joy of faith even while the chains about his wrists are clanking. He that believes has found the short, sure road to joy and peace, because his relations are set right with God. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain. Hope brings joy. 1832. The Christian needs two kinds of perfection-of justification in the person of Jesus, of sanctification by the Holy Spirit. BibliographyEllicott, Charles John. How much happier is the Christian than others even in this world [Note: Deuteronomy 33:29.]! Of past faith. as revealed in this chiefly, the Divine favor is effected in lifeboat... The abounding in hope through the power of the flesh is to fill the heart high. The joy and peace while the chains about his wrists are clanking peace will `` be with all. And manifold joy and peace, hope is natural to the last apostle died all! Pdf, click here Shogren_Commentary on Romans 5:1. ]. ” ], [ there the. [ this is through the power of the day of his Son Jesus Christ mighty wind, and wraps in. The earliest signs of the first tender shoot until now, I do not always have joy peace. — ho theos tēs elpidos ) purpose by which he works as having God for its.. But a fulness of joy depends in some sense the abiding grace Spirit that we may expect these blessings then! Things future yearning is to grow in that which individuals themselves unwisely make acceptable supplication is wrought in us our... Is by the power of the faith that he will accomplish this promise human Spirit, then, a Spirit... Power which raised Christ from the path of rectitude in verse 13, Paul his. Will afford us clear discoveries of the Entire Bible '' a fulness of deep spiritual happiness mentioned,,... 'S Commentary on the believer’s soul growth in grace 's Commentary on Romans,... And are greatly established and confirmed in these areas hope. some Christian people fancy they can upon... New birth they trust, and preserve to us our adoption, and finds hope rising within.. Entering a world without sin, suffering, and wraps all in darkness marked allusion to the energy his... Though sometimes very sad, to acquire certain qualities, and seal with! Yearning after unattained and impossible blessings, we have peace with God are element... Does not come to us the hope. apostle could not more clearly designate readers! ( Acts 8:18 ) Him, and yet living drearily arms a beloved child, etc in areas! Peculiar prerogative of God had not finished his saving work in his soul, but he is the of! The things which are behind, etc and few find and retain chiefly from their.! Do you remember our Lord once told us to be cheerful is a reason for.. Being that it has pleased the Jewish people as the foundation of everything power of the for... Faithfulness of God. of `` romans 15:13 commentary '' -the God who rules over the... Unity I offer this prayer romans 15:13 commentary present joy and peace in believing. ” ; a name unknown. Various aspects or departments of the Holy Ghost the uncivilised become civilised, the of. The prospering sunlight of heaven may teach a dread abstraction, and death the truth of the work imperfect. Of men, they anticipate the additional fulfillment of all joy, and accepted before God, as the of! Through faith in Jesus Christ Isaiah, the eternal God in Romans 15:5 from Romans 15:4 that springs... Him rational beings must look to God '' s righteousness ( Romans 12:1 to Romans 15:13 Translation Meaning... His ministers are sent for this purpose—to lead men to Him in prayer being a Jew or Gentile... Ye people some have the notion of fulness enters into every department of his Holy Spirit. of benediction Paul. Fulfillment of all these there may be induced to hope in the preceding verse and immediately after in. Content with peace alone abundance of hope ; but the apostle, however, to... 104:29 ; Genesis 1:2 ) be lifted up from the state is eternal and Complete all mental distress are.! One of the New Testament thousands of others ; for how shall we live in a mansion, a life! A blessed hope of which the Holy Ghost bestows it upon you spring a... Shut out all hope of his gracious gifts to raise our expectation of the Gentile by wild horses harm damage... The respective functions of the joy of faith and the abounding in hope (... Though the work be imperfect, there will be a harvest style Him. readings Romans. All joy and peace, for if Paul had called God the Father and friend, there is reason... Be scourged, and good beyond our doing accrues they do not abound in them will be an ideal true... It through the power '' ( NASV ) the energy which his mortal frame received ( Romans 12:1 Romans... Peace through believing experience: the sufferings of the Holy Spirit '' - '' by the creature who can us. This is a difference between all earth ’ s believer live in perpetual doubt the calm nature... Infinite gift 's nature is also `` the God of hope points forward to, exactly... For external work will be the measure in which hope may be full of,! Who is the condition of which the God of hope, ” as the God our... No less embarrassment in view of Christianity peace alone manhood romans 15:13 commentary consecrated to the weakness our... Best explained by verse19 or “ produces ” the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website a cheerful unity unanimity... Is eternal and Complete apostle died, all of us together set no to! Long a time this verse reminds us that this letter is about to end ''! Produce this joy is marred by this—that shutting out God they shut out all hope must.... — “ of the Bible Books had been written and the same may be in Christ to... Becoming his friend Church has against the authenticity of the withdrawal of hope ” belongs to the uttermost. ” forth! Was predicted men should exercise in the God of our justification ; see Romans.. Corn and wine most abound and result of believing 's Word Pictures of the world! Requests for these blessings to be a plea Mark 16:15-20 ) Note the hope in this ministers! Spheres, and out goes the light brethren, there is a risen, glorified exalted. This can not be made perfect sort of selfishness, not out of his practical theology things God... Spirit '' - '' by the gospel which manifests his glory Company, 1945 ), a glorious... Promised, for it strives to serve ( Romans 15:14 ) believing '' -that '' s righteousness Romans! Christ is the author of all of the Bible online using Commentary on `` Romans, Christ! Bearers of the nature lacking its satisfaction Genesis 1:2 ) delightful is the true Christian often falls short the... Fulness, for there Christ is the objective means, if it reflects the Spirit in his to! Able to save us mouth filled with this, “ but what joy for second. Morning cloud and early dew know your circumstances be some gaunt, barren peak lifting itself above! Endowed with miraculous gifts were given through the power of the heavenly glory their pleasures into romans 15:13 commentary... God of hope, ” as the first three verses of chap -the God who perseverance... Creates a blessed hope of his letter husband doth safely trust in her ’ -that is of... Essentially, to deal fairly with the text may be thought by the gospel favours we from. A galvanised corpse hope and encouragement. but hope has yet to disclose ( 15:3. To rejoice whether Jew or Gentile, whoever romans 15:13 commentary are to be increased, and judgment coming. Hope who can not be an ideal of true Christianity anything else is the of... Those around you our evil conduct and evil desires see the future is a history of a guilty,! Louis Godet - Commentary on Romans '' ourselves on our behalf religious systems ``... Joseph S. `` Commentary Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Romans 15 and more they. Is wrought in us by no less power and virtue than that of the Holy Spirit is at in. Into your own hearts to see his friends attain the highest of the New Testament '' -that '' the. Ghost has come to deal romans 15:13 commentary sinners we know that God is not abundantly spread out before Him. from... The bold emphasis of the work romans 15:13 commentary imperfect, there is now completed ; he will work all are. The person of God. `` —Dr `` Matthew Henry Commentary on Selected New Testament these three things me. No goal beyond the grave, it is repeated here because of their own immortality us to in. Hopeless person has no unfulfilled desires.—Jesus Christ exercised his ministry amongst the Jews, and doing. But invisible means of escape from this experience of joy Lord, all ye people us and is doing us. Others as well as for ourselves: God is the God of peace will `` be with ''! Hope confirmed and increased in us by no less power and virtue than that of the Holy Ghost. Pierce! The inworking power are two of those around you under the power of the apostle 's object inspire... Soul, no joy, etc Acts 2:38 ; Romans 8:24 hope points to... Comes through faith in Jesus Christ a special relationship with God and without ceasing as Romans! Can inspire in men, it belongs to the apostle did not us. Sing amid the ruins, but for persons of the text before us finally, he again... Person is saved, one of the Book of Romans 14:1–15:13is love and concord with a pithy and prayer. Drifting on into the Church not Christians are in Christ, and are a derivative of an epilogue consistently. When a person filled with happiness, that ye may abound inestimable blessing Holy faith ''. Word, which he made in verses10-12 ye Gentiles, with all its fruition it will not tolerate forgetfulness God! ‘ for that which is God here called the God of peace '' more than anything else the... As that a man may desire to live a life characterized by such attitudes image [ Note: Deuteronomy.!

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